Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Well a few days have pasted since I drove up to Harrys Bar for inishfood, the snow on the way was a bit hairy but I was going to get there.
I arrived and meet Ross from Bailies coffee then walked it to the impressive location with people buzzing around setting up sound equipment and large screens. When I meet Donal he was very calm considering the task ahead I offered to help and ended up help lift an oven in to a van and into harrys it was good to muck in.

I am not going to sum the day in detail there are many great blog with this on it already and great photo http://icanhascook.wordpress.com/ and http://www.bestofbridgestone.com/blog/inishfood-report-sally-mckenna being some of my favorites but there are to many to list.

I am going to tell you what Inishfood has inspired me to do and the faith in local food has been restored.

The first thing I did on Sunday was make scones with the butter milk I got from @ModernFarmette demo of making butter, it made the lightest scones I have ever made and the taste was creamy.
This is a rhubarb scone from that day.

I am now looking into the practicalities of making our own butter and buttermilk talking to a local dairy this week so watch this space.  

The other part of the day that got my mind going overtime was the visit to the walled garden, as our café is in a garden this was of great interest to me. To see such a great walled garden being brought back to life is fantastic I have my eye on a poly tunnel so hope to up our growing space from the 4 small beds we have at the minute. The space in the walled garden is fantastic but having more growing area would really boost what we do here.

This is the herb and veg patch in Rowallane last year fantastic to pick salads almost to order and I am about to plant peas for pea shoots to go with a terrine special.

So much happened at Inishfood and I meet so many great people I must thank you all for such a fantastic day and the staff and chefs from Harrys for wonderful food and service.
Roll on many more days like this.

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